A technology enabling organization aligned with fundamentals on Strategy, Structure & Processes, Rewards, People and Culture.

Middle East Africa Asia-Connect W.L.L (MEAA-Connect) is a technology enabling company headquartered in Doha, State of Qatar, focused on providing latest technology, turnkey solutions and services to defined market verticals. We carry highest level of local business knowledge and intelligence along with the maximum exposure to the international market trends and technologies. Our greatest strength is our customers and we seek breakthrough growth for our customers by understanding their requirements and ensuring to provide them with the best solutions and products available globally in the most economical way and on the best of terms. With our network of diverse and competent partners along with our dedicated team of professionals, we achieve these goals. We are committed to our partners for meeting their objectives of effectively enhancing their business in the countries we operate through our local market knowledge and customer commitment.

We work closely with our partners and customers to create defined value proposition through the solutions and services we offer.

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MEAA Connect is a technology enabling company serving in defined and focused market verticals. We offer technology advanced and reliable solutions most suitable for our customer requirements while keeping the cost to a minimum. MEAA Connect works with multiple reputed partners and OEMs to achieve these goals.

One of our key strengths and our most valuable assets are our employees. MEAA Connect is having a group of like-minded techno-savvy professionals working very closely with our customers to design, implement and support the solutions.

We also provide technology consultancy services to support organisation’s business strategies and attain their long term business goals. We help companies to confidently address technology-related decisions and ensure their IT departments and operating models are sharp and effective, enabling with them the latest technology trends to create enduring results.

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